Welcome to 'Lisa Paints', the small format paintings of Lisa Greenstein.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I am finally learning the pleasures of camping. I spent hours on a large rock overlooking this peaceful place near Yosemite last August. The river split around a small island and made a little water fall. This is solitude.

6" X 8"

Oil on maple board

for more information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is looking west from a little hill at Rush Ranch, part of the Solano Land Trust.  I painted this early in the morning, the light was high keyed. In the far distance you can see a freight train with orange cars, and a little fishing boat just behind the reeds. Rush Ranch is open to the public daily- great for hiking and picnic.

Oil on board
9" X 12"


Thursday, October 13, 2011


This was a second faster study from on top of King Hill looking out over the Suisun Valley. This is being shown at the show Seeing Solano, (see previous post). All of the pieces in the show are for sale and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the land trust.

8" X 10" (11" X 14" framed)
Oil on canvas board
This is mounted on linen and framed in a white washed maple frame.

for more information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


This plein aire painting is a view of the Suisun Valley from high on top of King Hill at King Ranch which is part of the Solano Land Trust. It will be exhibited in Seeing Solano, art bringing attention to the preservation efforts of the Land Trust. (See info below)

10" X 20"    Oil on board

Seeing Solano

Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum
734 Marin Street, Vallejo CA
hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 12 – 4pm

October 8–December 31, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday October 8, 3:30–5:30pm

3:30pm brief Solano Land Trust presentation

Solano Land Trust through the eyes of artists

Twenty-five professional artists and photographers have organized themselves and made a commitment to produce a body of work inspired by Solano Land Trust’s open spaces and protected agricultural lands. The artists’ purpose is to bring public awareness and support to Solano Land Trust’s remarkable mission through exhibits and sales culminating in the 2012 Solano Land Trust Harvest Feast Benefit & Auction.

Each artist brings many years of professional study and practice to their efforts, working to express aspects of the visual splendor to be found in the sweeping vistas of King Ranch/Cordelia Hills Open Space, the flora and fauna of Jepson Prairie, and Lynch Canyon, the marshes of Rush Ranch, and the protected agricultural lands of Solano County’s corner of the Central Valley. Explore oak grasslands, vernal pools, tidal marshes, and our agricultural heritage through the eyes of painters and photographers working in a variety of disciplines and mediums to portray a rich visual portrait of the beauty and diversity of the natural landscape waiting to be discovered at the North Bay’s door step and to be protected for future generations.