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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Spending time in Lynch Canyon is like time-traveling back to California before the modern era. Drifting fog creates dramatic moving light shifts on the bucolic rolling hills and grazing cattle. This is the reason that plein air painting in places like this is so magical. This painting is part of Solano Land Trust 3 - now showing at the Vacaville Museum. http://www.vacavillemuseum.org/current

Oil on linen on board
9" X 12"          
for more info contact: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I took a figure workshop with Camille Przewodek last month. This was very challenging for me. This lovely model was posed outdoors by the river and we worked fast- in two twenty minute sessions. The idea was to paint the light and color which in this case was very warm. She is backlit, creating a mud-head effect. Henri Hensche took his students to the beach and had them paint what he called mudheads. No features, just the basic head and shoulders - the light and shadow. Its surprising, but you can even get a likeness this way. This helps to solidify the form, and the light, no temptation to paint eyelashes!

Oil on board

8" X 10"