Welcome to 'Lisa Paints', the small format paintings of Lisa Greenstein.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I was really interested in painting the gathering clouds on the horizon at the water shed area. The distant trees look a bit like distant buildings. This was a one session painting.

Oil on canvas board

9" X 12"

more information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Model in Costume

I used a palette knife to paint this costumed model. It's difficult to get the detail with knives, but the color layers on more opaquely and so is much more vivid.

Oil on canvas board

11" X 14"

for more information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I painted this back in March during Camille Przewodek's Monday class. It was an overcast day which made the sky-ground relationship closer in value (value=grey scale) and the colors of the field were more saturated than they would look on a sunny day. I'm studying the effects of light and atmosphere on color and trying to get these effects in my studies. I really enjoy challenging myself.

Oil on canvas board
9" X 12"

information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Model Reclining

I think the soft colors of this painting express the gentle quality of this model.  I tried to get the sense of how she was nestled into the pillows, how they supported her weight.

My blog feed to my google group list was broken for a month, so if you wish to see any posts you may have missed you can look at them directly on the blog. Thanks for looking!


Oil on canvas board

11" X 14"


Friday, July 08, 2011


Life model in a bra and argyle socks. I had some struggles to get the drawing correct in the beginning. The perspective is looking up from below, which means the head needs to be smaller and the feet larger than they would appear straight on. I am still working at getting more and better color into my paintings, so that becomes a challenge when a lot of time is spent correcting the initial drawing. I'm happy with the results, although I think less (detail) would have been more with her face.

Oil on panel
for more information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com