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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I painted this back in March during Camille Przewodek's Monday class. It was an overcast day which made the sky-ground relationship closer in value (value=grey scale) and the colors of the field were more saturated than they would look on a sunny day. I'm studying the effects of light and atmosphere on color and trying to get these effects in my studies. I really enjoy challenging myself.

Oil on canvas board
9" X 12"

information: lisagreenstein@gmail.com


Dianne said...

Hi Lisa, I really like the atmosphere and "feel" of this picture. The North Bay asks to be painted, doesn't it? You captured it beautifully. I'm in the East Bay and it keeps surprising me with new venues. Last week the CAC was over this way at Sunol Wilderness. I'm new to plein air, so new to landscapes, but determined to learn. My blog is Dianne-voicepainter.blogspot.com, please visit!

Lisa Greenstein said...

Thanks for your comment Dianne. I was sorry to have to miss the Sunol paintout. Keep painting!