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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oil on maple hardboard

"Small work fits in with the pace of modern life. In the time where the one liner, the quick fix, instant gratification and short concentration-spans rule, small stuff works. Life burgeons--family, friendship, fellowship, dining and watching long-neglected DVD's like Al Gore's witness to global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth." All becomes part of the matrix. Like an impossible jigsaw on the coffee table, the paintbox is always there with its permanent invitation to frustration, understanding and joy." Robert Genn, author of 'The Painter's Keys'


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you working at your painting every day (or reasonable facsimile!) - and wonderful work, Lisa!

I hope you'll e-mail me the painting updates - I'll search for the sign-up form on the blog-site!

I don't know if I gave you the address for *my* blog/website - but if not, please have a look at:




Love ever to you & Ron & the kids!

- Paul Birchard