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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oil on masonite
11" X 11"

The first image is the underpainting done during first week with model, Merav.
I used a burnt sienna layer over a gray underpainting and used a wipe out technique, with Q-tips,rags and make-up sponges! I added in darks and lights with more sienna and cremnitz white.

The second image is from the final sitting at the McGee St studio. I added in local color and skin tones in the lights and improvised brush-work in the patterned fabrics in the background. When I was nearly finished, a fellow painter turned it upside down, which helped me to resolve some composition and color issues. When you don't know how to finish a painting, turning it upside down is a great way to see it in a fresh, abstract way.

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